About us

Chichouz which means house of chic is committed to take great care of women's health, beauty and improve the quality of their life to make them more gorgeous and confident. Spending less of time and efforts to maintain body and hair is the purpose to create this site. Chichouz.com is different from other silk products websites as we chase for perfection. Our products’ design concept is based on classic style but adding some fashionable elements, and guaranteeing never to be outdated. 

Professional Production and Processing

We have a long history of sericulture and making silk, which guarantees the good quality of our mulberry silk sleepwear and silk bedding sets.

Natural and Organic 100-percent Mulberry Silk Materials

CHICHOUZ have its own silkworm nursery and only feed silkworm natural and organic mulberry leaves. The silkworms will be producing well. The silk will be very soft, light, whippy and have pearl-like luster.

Benefits of Using CHICHOUZ Quality Mulberry Silk

Good quality silk are able to prevent dust mites and bacteria from breeding, calm your skin and eliminate unwanted creases along your body. 100-percent mulberry silk is so hypoallergenic that it is compatible with any skin type and keeps moisture quite well. Besides, our silk gives people a sense of comfort inside to outside in any season which brings you real cool summer and warm winter. What is the most important is that just wearing silk sleepwear or using silk bedding products will protect your skin and hair when sleeping, without spending any extra efforts and time.

Numerous Styles and Colors in Stock

We have huge stocks of different sleepwear styles and many colors of silk bedding sets.

Furthermore, our silk products will be not out of shape and they are all standard size which will be absolutely fit as long as you shop by size.

Sincere Customer Service

Customers will know all the order processing status after purchase. Customer staff will inform you at once with a tracking number after shipping and you will get a rather fast express. Certainly, we hope to not only deliver you a package but give you some measure of quality life. 

We know silk, love silk and hope silk can offer needed help to you.